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ZR2 rear end help

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I need to see if someone has a stock ZR2 rear end (2000 up) that can measure the distance from the housing flange face to the axle flange face . I measured mine before I cut the housing down and now then company making my axles says I can't be right on my axle length . Can anybody help?
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A little FYI for anyone wanting cut down a ZR2 rear end . The measurement for housing flange face to axle face is 3.5 " and I'm now being told by the company that I ordered my axles from that they can't make axles with a 3.5" hang out . So I'm going to take my stock axles in and see if they can be cut down (I hope) What I have right now is a ZR2 rear end cut down with all the brackets welded in place and ready to bolt into my TCI 4 link and it may be junk . Oh well lesson learned and I'm not naming the company I'm dealing with because they have a great reputation and it's really not their fault.
Have you looked into the stock length of a 2wd 8.5" axle shaft? They were put behind the 4.3 / 5 speed combos and might be what you need or close enough to cut down and have work.

(I had a 2003 2wd S10 extended cab/short bed w/ a 4.3 5 spd and a 8.5 10 bolt, so I know they exist, but pretty rare in junkyards.)
Well I got lucky and they were able to cut down my stock axles so it looks like everything is going to work now . The idea was to build a budget rear end with limited slip and disc brakes which the ZR2 offers . I'm only running a crate 350 so I wasn't worried about having a 12 bolt , dana or 9" . Now maybe I can get my car back on the ground .
Yeah Moser and Dutchman use the same axle blanks. They only come in certain offsets and some cant be made.

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