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My S&W stuff came...8pt. cage, frame rails and shock mounts. I only got pics of the rails. They're real trick. I really like the two holes for adjustment.

Some other pics I took.

Hehe, you can see how eager I am to get started on it...I already sat the main hoop up in the car...I had it sitting upright but it fell down:D

And here's some more of the now "designated parts shelf":eek: ....I cleaned it up a bit 'cuz next week we're puttin' in my frame rails(FINALLY!!!):rolleyes:

How 'bout and aerial view from the frame machine?:p

Buried between my brother's '70 Chevelle SS and his '88 Firebird GTA(yes, the chevelle is a real ss)

...Don't let people fool you...It's a parts shelf, not a Nova.
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