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Wont start now, oily spark plugs

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All she does is crank but wont turn over. the timing light is not firing neither so I reestablished TDC with a rag and harmonic balancer indicator. lined up the rotor on a terminal and ran my wires in the firing order. there still was no flashing coming from the timing light, the engine just kept cranking without starting. I pulled out the multimeter and traced my 12 V throughout the ignition system and the distributor is getting 12V. So i checked the plugs and the were oily. Will this prevent the engine from firing? I replaced the intake manifold gasket a few weeks ago, and removed the valve covers without changing the gaskets. there was a little oil on the manifold smoking when it was running. I think it came from the valve covers when they were open. The last thybg i did was pull the number 1 plug, connect the plug wire and used the exhaust manifold as a ground, cranked the engine and checked for a small blue spark. there was none

Should I change the gaskets and get new plugs first? Or is there some other tests of spark I can do?
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I agree, one issue at a time. Are you sure it's oil and not fuel? If the timing light is not flashing you either have a defective light or no spark. As long as you have 12v at the right spot, no spark can be either the module or the pick up. Sounds like you bought a new distributor so you'll have both covered.

A common problem with module failure is the coil ground strap. Some coils have a wire that hooks in with one of the retainer screws, others have a strap that goes from a retainer screw to the terminals at the cap. Make sure you have on or the other. With out it you will fry multiple modules looking for the issue.

I don't have an HEI lying around or I'd post a picture.

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