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Wonder at what it will go for ......

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Drooled all over that one yesterday...and set the side pic as my desktop background :D Beautiful coupe!
id say 30k:yes::yes:
Wow nice job on it. I'd say it will bring between 25 and 30
Damn...Nice restore job. This I would gladly pay $25,000 to $30,000 for. :clap:
Agree, the resto is very nice, but, I think the theme will hold the price down. Stock, but not true to stock. If you're gonna put a 350 in it, then not upgrade the brakes and suspension? It would hurt to have to invest more $$$ in a car that nice to make it era correct or a safe resto-mod driver. $20k tops. Oh, the two tone isn't the best looking combo of the choices for that year, red is probably the only color where the white top detracts a bit. JMO. :rolleyes:
That is a Nova done right. Seems to be a rare thing on ebay! Hope he gets what he's looking for $$$ wise.
Listing removed by the seller. Probably sold it privately. Bidding got to $15,600. Great car!

Nice 64

I checked this car out in July at the goodguys pacific northwest nationals,
nice body and paint yet a small block with a 6 cyl. radiator, needed lots of
small things to finish off resto. never did meet the owner had a sign in the
car for $25k nice car, maybe $15k still need to spend $5k-10k to make it
id say 30k:yes::yes:
IF HE DRAWS $30K, YOU CAN GET $38K :yes:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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