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Re-doing my trunk and will be doing a little re-wiring. I have my Battery, Fuel cell/pump, Nitrous heater, Starter solenoid, etc back there with a cut off switch as well. I plan to use bulkhead connectors to run power between the trunk and the front of the car.

My question is this:

I run 1/0 from Battery to Starter now. Can I run 2 gauge from the Battery to the Bulkhead and then 1/0 from bulkhead to starter?

Just wondering how the math work since the length of the wire "sort of" changes as I'm introducing a break in length at the bulkhead and the length from the battery to the bulkhead is short. Obviously I have other wires like this as well, for example the Alt, I run 4awg from Alt to Batt today.

I guess I have a question about the bulkheads too, is a 3/8 stud like the Allstar or Moroso bulkheads going to impact the load the circuit can carry?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts