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Wiper Speed

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I have a 1969 Nova that has a 2 speed wiper motor,that is SLOW and SLOWER.Does anyone know of a replacement motor that looks stock and is faster,maybe a different year or model?I would also like the washers to work.I looked on auto parts sites and they list the same motor from 68 to 74.
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Check to see if the voltage is changing between high and low at the wiper switch. Remove the wiper arms so the glass doesn't get scratched while you are checking the voltage. RICK
You can get a really nice setup from Detroit Speed!

Selecta-Speed Wiper Kit

A downpour of rain will no longer hinder you ability to clearly see the road. This kit provides you with the performance and convenience of a late model wiper system in a package that easily and cleanly mounts in your car.

The wiper kit contains a low profile, seven-speed wiper motor with 5 delays, low speed, and high speed, rotary switch with a billet knob, adapter plate, and wiring harness. The CNC aluminum adapter plate mounts the wiper motor to the stock firewall bolt pattern. The low profile wiper motor mounts to the firewall and clears the valve covers and brake booster.

Here is a link to it: Nova-Products/121301-selecta-sped.html
Thats a really nice piece. For 350 bucks I'm turning the wipers even if it's not raining. RICK
OR .... you can spend $500.00 on this set from Pacific Western Design:
OR .... you can spend $500.00 on this set from Pacific Western Design:
Yep thru that into my favorites list also. I didn't even start this thread and I'm seeing some good parts for my build. Thanks RICK
Plenty of us Old-Guys survived just fine with these cars back-in-the-day, the factory wiper did fine. It's all about what YOU are willing to live with. Most of the guys with these old cars are not going to be using their car as a everyday-driver, so why invest the money in a $350-$500 wiper system?

I went with the Detroit Speed system in my '66 Wagon because I wanted the inside mounting but more important than that was the intermitent wiper action that we have come to enjoy on our cars over the last 30 years.
Besides, MY Wagon WILL be my 100% everyday driver!
We did a tech install on the Selecta-Speed wiper system on our 65. This car is our shop vehicle, and as such, gets driven almost every day of the year, in all kinds of weather. (When it snows I drive the truck so I'm in something bigger in case/when someone does something stupid!!)

For a car that is going to be driven, I wouldn't be without it!! Plus, cleans up the firewall. Great addtion for any car in my book.

Glenn: I'm pretty sure I would be classified as one of those "Old-Guys" & your right, we did do just fine.
wiper speed

Ok,now I'm really NOT going to spend that kind of money on a wiper motor--
I just want one that's a little faster.Yes,I did a lot of driving with these slow wipers in the 70s but then we would have to pull over during a real hard rain.
I had a 69 Camaro in 1975 and put a wiper motor from a 73 Nova(used)and it was much faster.Maybe the aftermarket replacements are faster????
Hi rozwell97,

The Nova wiper motors are actually all the same from 68 to 79. The only difference with the 75-79 ones is that they don't have the washer pump mounted on the motor (still have the provisions for it though).

I don't know if GM made any improvements to the internals of the wiper motors over the years to increase the speed. But I've found the stock wipers on both my Novas (74 & 77) to be plenty fast enough for all but the heaviest of downpours.

I'd recommend testing the voltage at the wiper motor like Rick mentioned in his first reply. Also check the ground side of the circuit ... it runs through the control switch on the dash. If that's okay, your old motor is probably just worn out and replacing it with a new one should make a noticible improvement in the wiper speed.
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