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Windshield wipers stop pointing up

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I just installed a used wiper motor because my last one suffered water damage durring restoration. Motor has two speeds as my switch, but the wipers stop in the middle of the windshield. How do I get them to stop lying down against the vent cowl? Is the linkage that connects to motor to the shafts wrong? The wipers are set in the proper wipe range (about 90 degrees). Anyone know how to fix this?
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the wiper motor has a neutral or parked position that it's clocked to on installation, there is generally a hash mark on the motor that you'd line up...

disconnect the wiper transmission on the motor and check installation "clocking" ;)

i think they overlap quite a bit more than 90°. closer to 180° i'd think... i'm sure a 4th genner Guru will tune in for ya brutha ;)
Mine do the same thing. I just hit the switch when the wipers are at the bottom. It also seems like if I bump the switch to high speed, then off, the wipers stop where they are supposed to.
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