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Thanks for the feedback.

The car has made 7 passes since coming back to life. Our track has been packed and it has allotted for much test and tune. It has maybe 700 street miles on it as well. It doesnt run bad outside a gradual temperature rise and I could easily drive it to work daily outside the 4.11 gears. Maybe I am jumping to conclusions to soon.
Car leaves straight but has some spin. Drag radials seem inconsistent compared to slicks. I dont have a spotter. I ranged from 12.85 to 12.46. The latter time being after I eliminated a bent cam arm on the accelerator shaft. No bog and it pulls to 6200 pretty well. It doesnt scream like my 355,327s did but maybe that's the nature of a 400 sbc but I suspect I am not flowing the air efficiently.
It's not the nature of the 400's will run the rpm balls right off any common 327 or 355....if it can breathe, a 400 will rpm like any other small block..

Even the short rod 400 that was the first 400 I ever built in 1990 would turn 8400 rpm on accidental flash a couple of times with a Vic Jr and ported 2.05 valve Sportsman II heads.
Airflow is key....this is big block amount of cubes, it needs big block amount of airflow.

There is no majic in a short stroke...just less power.

If short stroke was so great, top Sprint Cars would be running short stroke "destroker" 377 or 348" engines from 400 blocks and cleaning house on everybody....they aren't, 410 cubes for the win ,...and all the rpm you can handle.
Australian Pro Stock and their NASCAR equivilant Supercars are alse 400"+
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