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Why do people do this? Its stupid

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Its not a Nova , but I was looking at Chevelles and saw this listing. It looks OK but his description says its Atresian Turquoise?? So I was trying to be of help and sent him a question, thinking he was mixed up on his colors. You can see my question and his reply at the bottom of his listing. Well his reply hit me the wrong way, so I had to respond:devil: I just had too.I know people dont reveal reserves, but I see in the one picture on the windshield, the price says $14,500. I wanted to see if it was the same . I'll bet he doesnt realize you can see that price, and he will remove that picture from the listing.
Why describe something its not? I could see if it was a very desireable SS, with a rare color code on the tags, and someone could restore it to those specs, but this is a plain jane Malibu, which probably is only one of 7,000,0001 produced. Heres the link:

Heres my reply to the guy.
WOW!! Nice reply! I wasnt trying to be smart, I was just trying to help, But you must be a know it all, and pleasant guy! I thought you made a mistake on the color in the listing. Thats all.But since you were rude I'll return the favor. Who gives a chit what color it USED to be? You also can list it as new. It used to be that too!!ha-ha. You also say it can be a show car.?? Thats informative! Any car can be a show car if you dump tons of money and time into it. And I aked your reserve just to see if it was $14,500 like whats written on the window! If so, GOOD LUCK! One last thing, by posting my question on your listing shows people just what a kind person you must be.Dumb and ignorant. Have a nice day!
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