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Which looks better? Help me decide...

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Tomorrow I'm going to start stripping, polishing and reanodizing my front grill and headlight pockets. They're also going to get repainted.

NOW, here's my question. I was strongly considering painting the filler panel between the grill and the bumper. Right now it's the stock (what I think is stock) tan/grey kind of color... I was considering painting it black or blue like the car.. I can't decide! I'm leaning towards black but my wife likes the blue. What do you think?

The Nova as it sits now:

With black lower and the grill painted:

With blue lower piece:

By the way, what the hell is that piece called?
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I think its called a filler panel,and I like the first one best but maybe only because the vertical grill bars are showing.
mine is silver , thats the way they came..but has been said before. make it the way YOU like it.. after all thats all that matters...
If I was to pick from the 3 I would choose the blue to match. But I think the argent silver would look real good too
Silver huh.. I was wondering how they were painted stock, I always just assumed mine was the stock color. Does anyone have a pic of their stock colored one?
I painted mine Black like the rest of the car. I didn't like how the silver looked with the rest of the car black.
Since you asked for opinions, I always like those filler panels to be painted factory silver, personally. Every time I see one that's body color I always think it looks wrong. But, as said above, it's your car so you should do what YOU like. :)
I like most the factory color silver.

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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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