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Wheelwell patch panal

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Has anyone here had a wheelwell patch panal installed and were you happy with the outcome on a 62/65 nova.
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Which one? There are two common sections used: directly above the middle of the opening, & rear lower behind the wheel opening.
Center section, I am now being told that I would be better off replacing the whole quarter due to the fact that I mighht not be happy with a patch in the middle of my wheel opening. The area I am talking about could be covered with a dollar bill. The trouble is this car was and still is rust free except for a few small bubbles in the paint. Last time I had this fixed it lasted for 8 years and was told it was a reaction in the paint where the car may of been touched when the car was media blasted down to bare metal before it was epoxy primed.
i think it's really going to depend on the experience & attention to detail of the professional performing the job... there are some really good bodypeople who could probably make their own patch, or use a purchased repair panel. have it looked at by a few guys and just listen to 'em tell ya how it should be done. i think you can tell a lot about a person when they explain (in depth) about something... if he sounds good and his other work looks good. go for it. if he sounds & looks like a hack... uh, i'll get back to ya ;) :D

for a dollar bill size repair i'm sure it can be handled no problem. i think the paint may be harder to match that fixing the panel. but there too you need to talk to a good guy. ;)

good luck to ya. :D
I had patches installed on my 66 years ago that almost immediately began cracking at the welded seams :eek:. When I had the patches done on my 64, the guy made his own patches and still look great to this day :yes:! I agree with The FLYER, talk to the guy and feel him out.


Post car or no car!!! :devil: :cool:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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