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We are using 1/2x20 wheel studs with a .535 Knurl 5/16 high on the shoulder---I need some of these 2 inches long----went thru the books and really found nothing compatiable. Could find some longer and the shoulder was short on threads or the had a pilot end. Can`t use bolts--the hole is to large to tap any threads. Will be checking with a couple places here---but check here too..........Lee

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look at my album link in my siggy area
and scroll to the wheel stud & u joint
album... i have the Moroso & ARP pages
on their studs saved. maybe they have
a stud that matches your dimensions...

back in the day when i worked in the
part store/machine shop we could
(after installing) cut down the shank/knurl
area and swedge the studs. it's very possible
you could have the same thing done today...
check with your local, reputable auto machine shop
and inquire about the procedure...

sorry i can't link you to the info... i'm barely
capable of getting online with my present computer...
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