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Wheel Stud Size

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I got some Moser axles to go in the 65 8.2 rear Im getting built for the 63.
I had Summit send out the wheel studs with the axles. The studs seem way too long. 2 1/8" long. does anyone know the right length and knurl diameter for original drum brakes?
Thanks Don
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You need to verify(length should be right) but probably same as mine - MSR-8060. They are 7/16-20x 1 1/4 .480 knurl. Mine are for my 72 with an 8.5 which will share the same axle as a 72 8.2.

You can run longer ones with open ended lug nuts. I have stock lug nuts for my Rally wheels and the chrome open ended special ones for my Weld wheels. As long as they don't interfere with any type of wheel caps or hubcaps.
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