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Building a 406 ci. Never done one before, so I am looking for combo's. Has Dart angle plug heads. Don't know numbers off the top of my head. Looking for 450 to 500 HP. Has dish pistons. Need some info on good cam and lifters. and an intake. Roller or flat tappet cam? Carb size ? Tell me your combo or one that you know to work well. All info will be appreciated. Thanks.

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My old motor was one I just threw togther. Friend sold me just the bottom end for 400.00 and the rest of the engine parts I had laying around. - I ran this combo on a rear wheel dyno and made 340hp

stock crank
about 11.1
comp 292
stock gm heads 194's
victor intake w/750hp
4spd/4.10 and it ran 12.30
that was i a 69 nover

Freind had a 406
stock crank
dish piston
comp 292
world heads 202's
victor intake w/750 hp
700r4/4.10 ran a 12.20
that was in a 67 nover

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internal balance 4340 Eagle crank
6" Eagle ESP H-beam rods
-20cc 5019H3 Wiseco pro-tru forged pistons
0 deck
.039 gasket
9.99:1 CR
Dart Pro 1 heads, Aluminum, 64cc chambers, 215cc intake runners, angle plug,
Ferrea 2.05 intake valves
Ferrea 1.60 exhaust valves
Comp Cams XR274 solid roller cam
Comp Cams 977 springs
Comp Cams 818 sollid roller lifters
Scorpion full roller rockers, 1.5 exhaust, 1.6 intake
Victor Jr intake

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Just a lil economy street motor:
stock crank
400 rods
-.135 hypereutectic piston
Comp xe262h camshaft
Performer Rpm intake
Quickfuel vac sec 650 carb
GM 492 heads
Made 400hp 500tq at the flexplate

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A good street motor:
1. Internal balanced 4340 Eagle crank
2. 6" Eagle H-beam rods
3. Srp reverse dome pistons (-17)
4. Pistons -.015 down in the bore
5. .027 Cometic head gasket
6. Compression 10.3
7. Dart Pro 215 heads with 64cc chamber with 2.05/1.60 valves
8. Scorpion roller rockers 1.6 I /1.6 E
9. Herbert solid roller cam #CC6J 296/[email protected] .533/.533 @1.6 rockers
LCL 110 advanced 2
10. Comp Cams solid roller lifters #818
11. Herbert springs and titanium retainers
12. Edelbrock RPM spreadbore manifold
13. Custom calibrated 800 cfm Quadrajet
14. 3,000 stall converter
15. 3.73 gears

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Street/Strip 406

  • Factory 2-bolt 400 block bored .030" over with 4-bolt splayed main caps installed
  • Eagle 4340 forged crank
  • Eagle 6" 4340 H-beam connecting rods
  • Ross forged flat-top pistons (10.7:1 compression ratio)
  • Dart II cast-iron heads with 68cc chambers, 2.055" intake valves CNC race-ported by the Summit Engine Shop
  • Comp Cams 12-705-8 mechanical roller cam
  • Comp roller lifters, springs, retainers, & locks (matching cam kit)
  • Crower Enduro stainless roller rockers
  • Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap intake manifold port-matched to the heads
  • Modified Holley HP Pro-Series 930 cfm 4150 carb
  • MSD Pro-Billet distributor

535 HP/ 513 ft-lbs of stump-pulling TQ

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040 over 400 small block
Block is decked and drilled for steam holes
Scat 9000 crank
Scat forged 4130 5.700" Rods, ARP 8740 Bolts
Mahle pistons 10:44 compression
Competition valve train
Crane gold full roller rockers
Competition Cam 284xe.
AFR 210 Fully CNC Heads.
Hogged out RPM Air Gap Manifold
Custom 950 Pro Series Carb
Dyno'd at 488 HP 504 TQ @ motor

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I am in the process of putting together a budget minded 406 with some spare parts I had. Didn't want a full race piece but should be able to drive this combo on the street and perform well at the strip.

400 block w/splayed mains
cast nitrided stock crank
5.7 H beam rods
Ross 95751 pistons
Zero deck
AFR or equivalent heads, 210cc runners
Holley strip dominator intake w/ wilson super sucker spacer
holley 750 carb
1 3/4" headers
solid flat tappet .560" [email protected]"
1.6/1.5 rockers
gear drive

Pretty much the bottom end is planned out. I don't have heads yet. I'd like to fine some AFR 210's or Brodix T1's. I may have some Brodix
-10's I could use. Im looking for 520-550hp, enough to push a 3200# car into the 11's. I could go solid roller if I get a rippin deal on one.

Little eric with the gold 70 nova I did the engine compartment for has a nice little 406 more streetable deal. Flattops, 200cc iron heads, comp 292 with mid lift roller rockers, performer RPM, 750 carb, 1 7/8" headers. Should be a good street motor.

I had also built 2 similar 400 engines for my old 70 nova and my 63 wagon. Both stock block and stock cranks, flattop pistons, stock ported chevy heads, dual plane intakes, 750 carbs, one had a custom elgin cam .470". 250"@.050 hyd flat tappet. The other had a .485" [email protected] hyd flat tappet cam. Both very potent but very streetable engines. Made alot of torque.

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here is my combo.
.30 over 400
GM crank and rods
srp forged pistons
arp main studs
arp head studs
DART pro1 230 heads
Hooker super comps
3" exhaust, flowmasters and turndowns
super victor intake
lunati .652/.622 solid roller
comp cams roller valve train w/ girdle
MSD dist. and ignition
Holley 850
11:1 compression
225 shot

This combo went 6.40's all day in a 64 nova with a th350 and a 8&3/4 rear with 4.30 gears. Foot brakin.

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1970 4 bolt arp studded 406
3.75 Scat internally balanced crank
6" Scat rods
10.8.1 Mahle forged flat top pistons 2 valve releif
Lunati Voodoo Solid Roller 243/249 @.050 - 590 " lift
1.5 rollers
PP Huricane polished single plane
750 Mighty demon
210 Pro-filer Heads 2.05 - 1.60
Fender well headers
3" magnaflow exaust
7 quart pan with kick outs and a trap door
melling select 15% over pump and bolt on pick up
sfi dampner
cloyes double roller with torrington bearing
csr electric pump
msd ignition

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400 4 bolt main block punched 60 over

Forged pistons with 5.7 rods

9.7 compression ratio

Scat crank

Fluiddamper balancer

TCI flexplate

Fully blueprinted and balanced

Comp cams XE284 camshaft

hardened push rods

Dart Iron Eagle 215cc heads

Harland Sharpe roller rockers

Edelbrock performer rpm manifold

Edelbrock performer 750 cfm carb.

Windage tray in pan and intake valley

ARP fasteners throughout

Modified oil pan to hold 2 extra quarts of oil

High volume oil pump

Modified HEI distributor with MSD 6al box using Taylor wires.

485 hp on the dyno at 5400'. This was done in Denver.

Hooker Comp Headers

TH350 trans with transbrake

4:56 gears
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