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What's With This Weather!

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Going down to -28 in Prince George B.C. tonight, same in Calgary, Alberta and -30 in Edmonton. It was blowing a blizzard here in Abbotsford this morning and barely made it above freezing during the day. Normal is +10. Going down to -7 tonight. Took my Caribbean vacation too soon:(.

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To hell with the postman, thru rain or sleet or snow! Try rolling in the slush, puddles, mud, windy cold snow every day, yesterday 2 of our sales included a 67 chevelle frame (bare) so of course the whole car had to be stripped down to bare. The other was a tb 400 from a 68 impala which of course was still hooked up and at the back of our new arrivals. By the end of the day not only are you missing half of your tools in the snow, but also a few fingers that froze off sometime earlier in the day (as well as a couple of other body parts that i'll leave unmentioned) spring time we go on an 'egg' hunt. I moved out here from kitchener in '79 to get away from this crap! What~up with that? Trying to keep my 'cool'. Tinster Dave
Hey Tinster, It was sunny and warm in Kitchener this past week. Today is cooler and rainy but NOOOOOOOOOOOO SNOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
Well then, what are you doing sitting around the computer? Shouldn't you be working on your car. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
I am. Just came back from Lowdown Hot Rods. They are pricing out a full frame for me.:devil::eek::devil:
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