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What's the stock length throttle/a/t kickdown cables

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Anyone know the stock length for these cables?
I need longer ones cause it just barely makes it to the mount with the big single plain and spacer.


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The 336969 throttle cable is the GM replacement cable, replacing the original 3972296 cable in 1973 as listed in the Chevrolet Camaro Chevelle Nova Parts cataolg dated August 1973.

The 336969 was new for the 1973 Model year and was used on the 1973 with 4BBL Quadrajet Carburetors.

The overall lenght on the 336969 as stated in the August 1973 parts catalog is 21" O.L.

The 3972296 cable is 21 3/4 in O.L. and is 3/4" longer in overall length than the 336969 but about only 1/4" longer from the throttle cable support to carb stud mounting than the 336969.
As said most stock replacement cables are close to the same length and are going to be too short. I had the same problem when i put a BB in front of a th350. It was tight, but it reached the bracket.
I was thinking of using jegs or lokar.

I guess I would use this one:

The sleeve part would go from the firewall to the carb correct? So it would be "24 sleeve then the "7.5 stroke for the carb bracket.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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