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Tough times are making me think about parting with the Nova...I have about $9,000 invested but am not sure what I would get for it as it is. Right now it is in peices but I would put it together so that it could be atleast towed away. There are many brand new peices and will be a great car. Here is a partial list of new items:

Brand new
Door skins
Procar seats
Ididit steering column
350/290 engine
window/inside door handles
TCI front clip w/power rack
B&M Quick Silver shifter
Floor Pans
Radiator support
Covans dash Insert w/all guages
Complete Car weatherstripping
Rear Shocks/ Spring Bushings
Door and hood hinges
Sub Frame Connectors
Transmission Rebuild kit
Transgo shift kit
Aluminum Transmission Pan
Rebuilt Trans pump

10 Bolt Rear W/ new drums

The body is in real good condition and I got new panels where I needed them.
The body is almost completely stripped of paint and is almost ready for paint.
Like I said the car is all aparts but I can put together so that it can be transported. I do no want to lose my shirt by selling it but was wondering what it would be worth?

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