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What suspension mods are a must?

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I have a 71 shell, and now a sweet 68 4 door donor. I plan to move most everything straight over so that for now I have one car, and I can focus on building the motor and getting it running. I will be swapping in some v8 springs and a complete suspension rebuild kit, so at that point all is apart. So, can anyone say from experience any upgrades that are worth their weight? not looking to carve canyons yet or break the bank, just want to know opinions on control arms, aftermarket springs, spindles, sway bars or whatever you have noticed really made a difference.

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Thanks for the info guys. I'm thinking it needs to be lowered a bit in the front. Would keeping the v6 springs with a 350 be bad ride? I want to keep a good ride, so would drop spindles be my best bet? are ther improved dual rate springs? is there any difference in ride with drop springs? I'm thinking of keeping the stock steels and hubcaps, would the drop spindle cause any probelms, or is that only if i have wider wheels?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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