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What is this trim?

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sorry if this is the wrong area, i dont know where to post this.

i found these stuffed in with a bunch of extra bits and pieces when i bought the car.

these are plastic

and these ones are metal

anybody have any idea what they are? they dont look like nova stuff to me, at least not 1st gen.

thanks for the help
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to me the look like "A" pillar trim the long thin piece seems to go at the windshield to headliner..
It looks to me as though the metal pieces are the A-pillars and the pieces across the top of the windsheild between the A-pillars. The plastic pieces go above your head along above the top of the door back to the B-pillar or C-pillar. I've never messed with 73-74 interior pieces so those are my uneducated guess.
These were sitting in a 63 i bought for parts, they may not even be nova parts.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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