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what is stock ride height?

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I want to lower my car 2 inches from where it is now so I need to know what the ride height is with new springs so I can get my drop right the first time my car is a 67 more door with a 250 thanks
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i've got a 66 service manual in the garage,
it give measuring reference points, ie, rear end casing to chassis rail and front end dimensions from ball joints to floor, i think?
i'll get some info on later when i get out in the garage.
right here you go,
rear suspension;
measured from the top of the axle casing to the underside of the chassis directly above it next to the bump stop,
2dr sedan= 6-1/8"
4dr sedan= 6-1/16"
sport coupe= 4-15/16"
station wagon= 5-13/16"

front suspension;
measure the distance from the floor to the lower ball joint seat,(under the joint)
and measure from the floor to the centre of the inner lower control arm bolt,
the difference between these two measurements should be as outlined in the specifications at curb weight,
the lower ball joint seat should be lower than the inner control arm bolt by these amounts;
6 cyl cars and wagons= 3-3/4" +or- 1/2"
8 cyl cars and wagons= 3-1/4" +or- 1/2"
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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