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im looking for a front clip for the 63 wagon, i noticed that some say its a must. II front end. what does that mean, any disadvantages or advantages, how bout parts that are available and interchangable??? i know some of the major brands and have heard good and bad. also take into consideration i want to keep a stock column unless i can find a good deal, so mounting locations and options would need to be reviewed.

these are my plans,
im leaning towards the ls1 engine swap(for sure)
i want to get some airbags under it for a nice stance but am not sure yet but want to get a clip that has them availalbe.
the whole front end suspension is shot so i wouldn't mind getting it all but it does get pricey. from front brakes,manual rack,uppers and lower arms, the whole shibang!!!!!!! any help would be great if u know anything or have experienced it.. like everyone else i want this to be as headach free as possible but we all know how that goes.thanks in advanced leroy
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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