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Do you think this 72 is worth 3000 rolling?

6 Point roll cage
4 Inch fiberglass cowl hood
Mini Tubbed with frame notch
12 bolt with 4.56 with spool
Mono leafs with traction bars
Weld Super lite wheels
5 inch tach with the basic oil and temp etc
MSD 6 with soft touch rev control
10 gallon fuel cell
Aluminum radiator
Electric fan
Electric water pump drive
Hurst Pistol grip shifter

-Bondo on the bottoms of the 1/4's
-and slightly on the doors which (I can replace with my 71 doors)
-rear window has slight rust
-Surface rust in some places and holes from the badge removal I suppose and chrome removal

Pics as always do help you folks =O

Thanks for the help guys I am open to any opinions and help like always!
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