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Douglas County Chevrolet Nova Club/ West GA Classic Car and Nova Club, it is free to join no
annual fee of any kind, just a group/club that can meet up talk about thier
nova, share tips,hints, and advice for those restoring, driving, or showing off
thier Novas this club is for any year model nova from the Chevy II's through the
1979 Novas, four doors, or two doors doesn't matter, i came to the idea of
starting this club when i realised there isn't any real groups for novas,
anywhere near douglas county, that being said i am not limiting new members to
just douglas county, but anywhere on the outer perimeter west and west georgia.
i'd really like to see this group take off and we can show off our pride of
novas at car show and such events but also meet from time to time to hang
out,drink, and talk at any given location to meet others like ourselves who love
the novas. there is no fee for joining or to be a member it is strictly
volunteer basis at the moment, please contact me via thisad if you'd like to join, i drive a 1978/79 Rallye/SS hybrid, i call it that because it is not strictly '78, as it
has '79 parts. anyway if you live anywhere within driving distance of douglas
county or near lithia springs, or douglasville, GA let me know, i'd love for
those of us who have novas, whether fully restored, show car, resto, or daily
driver to have our own club and group
all classic cars are welcome from the late 50's to late 70's this car club is intended for those who have daily drivers and weekend drivers, we do not specialize in show cars, though at car shows we welcome them, as with the tradition of the West Ga nova club we welcome any condition cars to join us whether you have a car welcoming photo shoots or a car that you are currently restoring we welcome them all.

You can also check out the facebook page there aren't many members and the few we do have in the club aren't on facebook as soon as we get more members to the club the more meet and greets we will have for the club.

The Facebook page is Douglas County Nova Club but we accept new members from anywhere around the west perimeter of atlanta and west georgia, the thing that is most needed from our newest members is to be in driving distance of douglas county as we are currently based out of lithia springs,Ga.

This club is for the young and old, i'm the owner/founder my name is Jessee Purvis i'm only 24 years old but i've loved novas for a good decade or so i'm proud to be a nova owner as they aren't as common as other chevrolets out there making this club special in so many ways as we are the only nova club based out of douglas county and the only nova club that is free of any kind of fees and dues.

what you need to join:
1. either be the owner of a Nova
2. love novas of all types
3.plan on being active within the club kind and polite to others willing to help others with thier novas if need be

Things that will get you kicked out of the club:
1.being excessively rude to other members
2.harassing any member rather playfully or directly
3.any act of violence of any kind against another member of the club
4.doing anything to another's nova without permission of said owner

basically just have fun and know you are around people that share a common interest in restoring, driving, and enjoy the nova they have.

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Is this gonna be a Georgia based club only? Im about 90 miles from douglasville. Im in Alabama but I come to johns classic cars to buy parts. Would like to come up and hang out sometimes I own a 69 and my wife has a 70 being restored.

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we are accepting any new members that within driving distance of west Ga and douglas county, that being said while we are looking for new members we are accepting anyone in the east alabama area, northwest Ga, southwest Ga, and west Ga. if you are interested please find our page on facebook it is easier for me to check. as i am the president and founder of the club we have no dues for time being we won't start dues for our members until we reach at the minimum of 60 currently we are only 26 members strong, we will be having a meet and greet on january 26th if the weather co-operates as my nova has posi-trac.
we will be meeting at Arbor place mall in douglasville in the parking lot closest to the olive garden it will be easy to spot my nova it's a primer gray sleeper two door '78/79 coupe. if you are interested in joining please contact me via the facebook page or email [email protected] please include a photo of your nova and your wife's nova so we can add it to our photos.
thank you for you inquiry if you would please let others know of this club it would be a blessing on us. thank you and have a great day.
president of
West Ga Nova & Classic Car Club
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