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water behind the kick panel??

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I seem to be getting some water behind the kick panel area when I wash my 67, this can't be normal. Any idea's how it is getting in. My only thought is the the grates by the wipers and there is a hole somewhere. I foolishly mounted my alarm in the kick panel and the main brain is getting wet :(
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You will have to get in the car with a flashlight and have someone hose down the area you suspect where the leak is. RICK
The corner of the windshield could be leaking or the vents too. Rust? Water is supposed to drain down from the cowl vents to the rockerboxes.If the kickpanel vents aren't caulked water may get past them.
Here is the area in ? on my 64, should be the same on yours.

The water that goes in the grill under the windshield runs down into this area behind the kick panel. Then it is supposed to drain into the rockers and out the drains there.

Often this area is plugged with debris and may not drain into the rockers as intended.

If you remove the kick vent on the inside you can use a sweeper to remove the debris and then you may find some rust holes are letting the water in.

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