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Vortec 8.1l 494

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Anybody have one of these engines installed in there car and what do you think of the engine overall.
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Thinking about buying it and saving it for my next hot rod.
Id pass I am pretty sure not a lot of performance market for them maybe there is now but I know a couple of years ago there wasnt and still probably isnt. But would be a nice tow truck motor. I would do more research though.
A 6.0 would be a much better choice. IMO
I would pass on that motor, performance parts are limited those motors are usually used for boats and oil drilling rigs. They can be built for crazy torque but not much in horsepower department. Check chevy Hiperformance June or July issue there is and article in the Q&A section.
Pass and go with either a LS-based engine if you want something modern and fuel injected, or a traditional BBC if you want large displacement.
I have one that I installed in my 66 long bed pickup that I use to tow with. It bolted right in place of the ole tired 283 and bulldog 4 speed. I have since replaced the 4 speed with a 700r4. The hardest part was the fuel lines etc to the behind the seat tank, plans for a custom under bed tank one of these years.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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