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This is kinda a dovetail off of my horn relay post, but i am not sure if they are related or not.

I fried the horn relay. Once i fried it, the engine started to miss. I replaced it today, and still the same thing. It seems like it goes away once i get up to 40mph or so - which makes me think the higher rpm solves the issue.

I put a multimeter on the battery, 12.6. Cranked it over, never got above 13.4. I have a MSD 6BTM box in the car with billet dist.

Is this lower voltage enough to cause havoc with the msd box? If so, how can i trace where the issue is? I am figuring when i cooked the relay, i did some other type of damage - or its just one hell of a coincidence.

Electrical is not my strong suit, so any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

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