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Vintage air question

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Friend's car has vintage air, with their control for operation.
Now when he puts it to = fan high, dash, cold . Seems the stepper motors are not diverting the air from floor to dash, or defrost to dash.
Floor works good ,defrost works good

Anyone ran into this before? Bad stepper motor, or jambed up divertor door? System is new, maybe 2 months old.
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Did he calibrate the controls as per the instructions?

Did he look in the troubleshooting section of the instructions?

And last but not least, did he contact Vintage Air?
He is screwdriver inept! I am going to take a look at it later today or tomorrow for him. How does one calibrate the control for the stepper motors? I emailed VA last nite for him,waiting for a reponse.
Hey Scott try this. Calibration should be the same for all stepper motors. RICK WO AC CNTL PNL ASM 10 16 07.pdf
Thanks, I didn't think calibration was needed for this control?
Just has a small bus connector to and from unit. no limit adjustments?
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The motors go thru a full sweep to learn where the stoping points are. I deal with these stepper motors all the time. Our cars use them and so does Dodger. RICK
Ok I will do a program to it and report back! Thanks!
Update: spoke to VA tech, said the VA control pc board style does not need to be calibrated unless some manually moved the divertors, which would change the factory calibration. He said to remove end plenum and check for proper operation, if the plenum is not on square, or overtightened it will bind the door. Also said if the entire unit is not square to the firewall this will happen also. Well I guess I find out later today. Which is the culprit.

I will take some pics of the cause and remedy for other down the road in case they run into this.
As always the VA techs were right on. Calibration is only needed when you are converting from cable to electronic using VA's pod. Their standard control boards need no calibration.

Their suggestion is the most common cause of the problem you are describing.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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