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These are just some of the pictures I like, I'll have to get some good ones this year.
Car: 1972 Chevy Nova 2 door, 350/350 with open 10 bolt.

Mods include:

Rust free original panels from California (as far as I know and can tell)

-Edelbrock valve covers + Air cleaner cover
-Edelbrock JR intake manifold
-Holley 650 electric choke carb

-Stock TH350

Rear End:
-Stock open 10 bolt

-Hooker Super Competition Headers - Black
-Summit 2.5" true dual exhaust - dump behind tires

-Full conversion from manual drums, to power disk brakes up front, fresh power drums in back all new stainless steel lines. This is the equivalent of the stock power disk set up.


-Halogen Headlights

-Stock interior dyed black, bench seat, column shift

Sound System:
- A hole in the dash the PO cut.

-other misc not really worth mentioning, but you know that these things take effort so I mention them here.

This one is an ad for an earlier year nova that I changed to be the same colors as mine, I use it as my computer background. :)


It's not a real SS, the previous owner made a clone.

---I bought this car in November of 07, with the original California Title coming with the car. Bought it because of the lack of any rot or rust, a rare find around here. it spent the first 30 years of it's life in Cali, then to Maine for a little bit, then 3 places in CT.

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Thanks for the kind words guys! I still don't know what I will be doing in the summer, I think I am going to focus on my motor transplant, most likely the 400/406 whatever it is. It's till in the donor truck, I have yet to even pull it so I am not 100% what motor it is. I also want to get rid of these horrendous traction bars, but I DO notice a difference, which is why I left them on.
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