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Valve spring tester

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Wanted to get a tester and was wondering if anyone has used this one

Thanks for the input
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I have used this tester for several years. Works great as far as making sure all your springs are close to the same seat. Easy to fine a broken spring from reading.
I use it every time I run the valves to check seat pressure is equal all way through.
Have ran valves after cruising the streets and get ready to take it to the track and find a weak spring while running the valves and save a problem at the track.
Good investment in my opinion.
It depends on what the use is going to be and how accurate you want it to be. The absolute best is Buxton but they are on the top price end at around $900.

We use the LSM PC-100-SLC which you can get through Jeg's or Summit. It's in the $250 range and does a nice job.

We keep a very close watch on the valvetrain and check springs quite often so required a decent quality tool.

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Thanks for the info guys I went with the LSM products one. 2 reasons one being that it seems to be a better quality piece and 2 its Made in America
Excellent choice. Next time you have a spring off you can calibrate it with the bench tester for closer real world results

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