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Valve spring pressure

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Just bought a LSM Racing Products spring pressure tester to test my springs and with out knowing what springs are in my motor, What kind of seat pressures should I have? What would be to low of a pressure? It has a Reeds roller cam with a 731 intake lift. If you need any other info please let me know.

Thanks Bob
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Why not ask the cam maker? He should know more about it than anyone on here.
As far as I know they do not exist. The cam was from the mid 90's that is in the engine
i thought reed cams were still in bussiness. on my solid roller cams for a turbo engine mine are set up at 350 lbs on the seat. and i think before i was turbo sharges 275 on the seat seems close. all cams and applications are diff.
On a roller cam of that lift, using an on head tester, I would expect 200 seat pressure. I think those testers are more accurate than the Moroso one that I have. I would say if you were much below that, I would consider putting a known set of springs on it. Then check them with your tester installed to see what the trend is.
On my 468 BBC combos with a roller and no power adders making between 700 and 775 HP I want between 200 and 250. More than that uses HP and less than that may give you issues if the duration and ramps are aggressive. If you really like that cam and can't find out what it is you may get someone to run it on a cam doctor machine and ID what it is specificly
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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