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I am trying to figure out vacuum layout for my 1979 Nova.
It has a 305 v8 with a 4bbl carb .

I have uploaded the only diagram that I have been able to find that has any reference to a 1979 Nova 305 with 4bbl carb. (pulled from Autozone's website)

According to the diagram there should be two 2-port vacuum switches on the vehicle...but am at a loss as to which color they need to be.
One goes on the manifold and connects to the egr valve. the other goes on the thermostat housing and connects to the efe valve.
Also there is a 'check valve' shown between the egr-tvs and the carb.

Need to point out that the thread size on the manifold is 1/2" where the tvs goes. (only tvs's i can find for the nova are 3/8")
The thermostat housing I ordered also has a 1/2" hole.

NOTE: the car originally had a inline-6 250. I swapped the engine for a 305 from a 1986 G20 van. Needless to say, the conversion has been difficult.

I need help trying to figure out which color/temp range each switch should be, what temp range the thermostat should be, and if this is the correct vacuum layout I need.


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