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I am looking for a member in the Kansas City area of Missouri.

The reason for this is because the mfg of Billet Grilles,, for 62-67 Novas is having some complications on the 66-67 Billet grilles. Is it possible for someone in the local area that has a 66/67 Chevy II that they could do measurements on for approximately 2.5 hrs. I have the point of contact and please p.m. me for this. I just got off the phone with that " point of contact" and he said, and I quote," There will be a good deal for the individual who brings a vechicle to his business for these required measurements."

To get you guys up to speed, the billet grilles for the 66/67 Chevy IIs are on hold due the arrival of a car that they can do measurements on. If someone is available, this will help out alot of members on this web site that are thinking about or have one of these grilles.

Thanks for your time and patience on this matter.

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