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Upgrading transmission

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I am going to be adding a blower motor to the nova next year (hopefully) and as I am building the motor I know it won't be long until I am going to have to build a transmission to handle the power. I have 2 questions:

1. How much hp and torque is a factory turbo 350 good to?

2. What are good upgrades to a turbo 350 to make it handle the power?

Right now all the transmission has is a b&m shift kit. Nothing neck breaking but it gives it a nice crisp shift now. Any ideas on what to do?

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I forgot to add that besides the shift kit I have now I am also running a 2800 stall converter.

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if the car isn't going to be a dedicated strip car and will see some cruising/street use i think i'd opt for a built 700r4 and get the benefits of the OD.

the OD really makes a radical strip car into a drivable street car when the need arises. i have a TKO600 (overdrive) and since owning it i'll never swap to a 1:1 final drive... gas mileage/cruisability alone is worth the expense...

the TH350 is a pretty stout transmission and can be built to handle the power you'll be looking at, but then EVERYTHING is breakable if we try hard enough...
The car is mostly a street car that I want to take to the track a few times a summer. What kind of modifications do I need to make to mount a 700R4 and what kind of power can they take?

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For the $1500 I feel I could build one of the th350 I have sitting around for more power and maybe slightly cheaper. I wont have the overdrive but i also wont have to do any modifications under the car either. But I dont know for sure what a 700R4 all entails.

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