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The seller thinks this car is 'very unmolested.':rolleyes: I don't think that's the right word to describe it.

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Yeah he is a body man, why don't he fix it? Might have another 3 years of work just fixing that one car.:no::no::no:
$3200 for that, my word. Oh yeah parts are very rare for this car.:rolleyes: I think he is dreaming.
According to his ad" This car will bring more than my reserve price just for the seats and console. The starting bid is the reserve so if you hit it you may own it."

That thing has been flooded with salt water down their in Corpus.:no::no::no:
Just another example of the "my car is wonderful, your car needs work " syndrome...

I'm thinking the word starts with a R and then ends with an ape...

I like the part where he says "The rust is what you can see. The "frame" is in good condition and only needs the most minor attention" HAHAHAHA what frame...its a unibody!
I think he's's obvious no one has touched that car. :no: Nope, no surprise there.
I'd be very careful picking up this car. I have a feeling it could start to fold in half:eek:.

I'd be very careful picking up this car. I have a feeling it could start to fold in half:eek:.

I was thinking the same thing. If he actually puts that thing on good rolling tires, it may just fold right up.
Is that a beer can rust patch in the trunk? :confused:
I can't see 1/2 his price in parts that are useable. I must be overlooking something.
$3200 so far! Someone is on their way to a nice little $50,000 Nova convertible. Is there anything left that doesn't need to be replaced??

It's a shame though...I bet it was a gorgeous car when it was new :(
I can never seem to figure out why these people (that obviously already are) in the auto salvage buisiness seem to place such a high value on vehicles that are completely beyond any sort of reasonable restoration.
You would think that the guy would simply have parted the car for what little usable parts that are on it and called it a day.
Anyone paying that ammount or beyond is crazier than the seller.......:yes:
Rode hard and put up wet came to mind when I saw the picture!:yes:
Very unmolested and the engine bay is empty. :D. Just so you guys know, I'm very unmolested too. :eek:
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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