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From Tony brown, Former manager of Mooresville Dragway,

I know there have been a lot of rumors going around about whether I will be returning to Mooresville for 2013. I have officially resigned as general manager of Mooresville Dragway. I have entered into a long term lease/purchase agreement of Union County Dragway, with the help of my partner, Greg “The Hammer” Robertson, effective immediately. After a few years of discussion and negotiation, the opportunity became a real option and I could not pass up this chance. I will miss the Mooresville racing family but hope they will jump on board as our bracket program for Division 2 will be all held on Sunday afternoons from April 14 through June 30. Now racers can run Mooresville, Farmington, Piedmont or Greer on Saturday for Division 9 and run Union County on Sundays for Division 2. We will be working with other tracks to provide bonus money for Saturday/Sunday wins as well. Of course, other bracket events will be scheduled for some Saturdays with some special announcements coming soon on that issue. In September, we will resume with Sunday afternoon racing until the weather puts a stop to us, just like the days of Shuffletown Dragway. Of course, private track rentals will be encouraged and very affordable every day of the week. Also, look for lots of special events on Saturdays.

I realize that I had already posted Mooresville and PTRA schedules several weeks ago but I had no choice in the matter as difficulties in my Mooresville agreement unfolded. The Mooresville schedule should be disregarded and a new schedule will be in place soon. We are back in the planning stages for the PTRA schedule but it looks like the dates will most likely remain the same for the most part with a few changes in venue. Only two PTRA events will be held at Union, with two at Mooresville (tentative), two at Piedmont, and working on another location for the other two for a total of eight. A multiple track schedule for PTRA is more favorable for more racers and look for the PTRA to be really strong in 2013. Each of the eight PTRA points races will feature the following classes:

True Street, Performance Street, 4.90 Door car, 4.90 open body, 6.00, 7.00, PTE, SE and Junior Dragster 7.90 index.

A Top Street program is in the development stage now for certain Friday nights at Union. Stay tuned for some big news on that front. Our Friday night test and tune events will return to Union as a fun and exciting night, just like in 2010, with a great emphasis on grudge racing for cars and lots of bikes. The team in place to staff Union is already including Trey Wright, Jonathan Wright, Kurt and Michelle Flanagan, family members, and several others currently at Union. Greg and I are determined that with the right people in place, we can show a great time to everyone that enters our doors. We are here to entertain everyone at an economical price.

I want to thank Curtis and Doris Teems, and Brian Butler and staff for all of the improvements that have been put in place since my time in 2010. A new paved entrance road, an improved trailer friendly railroad crossing, and of course, the all important grass that has made the place complete and ready for action(no more dust). More paving projects are in the future plans, along with other updates as they can be afforded. Also, with Trey Wright’s direction, look for a whole new approach to a track concession. Our goal is for people to want to come eat with us and by the way, catch some racing action too. A lot of questions will be answered over the next few weeks as schedules are released for Union and the surrounding tracks. I will be in contact with the Renegades and the Gearjammers to solidify our plans very soon. I am not sure who will take over the reins at Mooresville but I want to say a big “thank you” to GW Leazer and family for allowing me to be a part of the history of Mooresville Dragway. We will have a killer booth display at the Drag Race Expo on Feb 1-2 for Union County Dragway and PTRA. Come see us there.

I will be handling all PTRA events with Junior Hampton in charge of True Street, and Andy Wood in charge of Performance Street. Bottom line is: PTRA is back on the road at some great tracks with a dynomite program, and Greg and I will have full control over the whole Union facility. I am so excited about this new chapter in my life. Some people have always wanted to run Pro Stock, some Top Fuel. I have always wanted a track. What a decision, risk and commitment. I must be crazy......Tony Brown
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