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My '70 GMC 4x4 needs new crossills and bed floor. The complete 8' floor is finally being offered. Questions:

-What is that black "coating/primer?" that new sheet metal is covered in.
-will it survive a winter in the rain.
-what kind of prep is necessary for undercoating and primer
-is there a brush on - roll on undercoating available

I need the new floor now. Right now the Nova is taking all my resources. What I would like to do is buy it, assemble my sides and tailgate on it, undercoat it and leave it for a winter till next spring to do the rest of the bodywork to it. If I have to I'll primer the top side too. I know the easiest thing to Would be to find a box in the U.S. ('cause they are few and far betwen up here) and throw it on. But that is not without it's hassles and expence too.
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