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yes ......

But, I removed my 'lug-bolts' ... mounted my rotors (Ford Granada rotors) in our brake lathe and turned down my 'center-hubs' . That was on the front of the rotors.
Because I had some Toyota p/u rims that fit my rear axle and then fit my lug bolt pattern.
but, on the front wheels -- the center hole needed to be "larger".
Instead of making the center hole larger - I "cut my center-hub down smaller, to fit" .

The pick-up rim would not fit over the front - rotor - hub.
Thus, turning down the center-hub ... made my Toyota p/u rims fit both the front and rear positions.

that was my effort -- not for b/s issues ........... this was for my
31 Model A using a Mustang IFS.

(may not apply to you).

Are you talking the outer face ?

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Yes the outer face. It was a thought. I wonder if my hubs would take it if I tried to remove .250. I have the Chevelle brakes.
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