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trying to track Dad's 78

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This isn't a WTB thread, but more a "help my find this" thread.

Anyway, the whole thing that got me into novas was my dad's stories of his 78 that he loved so dearly. He regrettably sold it to my mom's cousin in the late 80s or early 90s (think between 88 and 91, I'll ask him tonight). Within a few weeks, the cousin wrecked it in the front end. He drove it for a short while after, but then his parents did away with it. We haven't really talked to them much in recent years (not because of the event, just were never close to them and don't have their phone number or address) and do not know if it was sold to somebody or just hauled off to the junkyard. Probably the latter since this was the 80s-90s and nobody really gave a damn about restoring a 4th gen. back then.

Here is what I know about the car.

It was a blue 1978 concourse 2 door. No cabriolet roof, but it may have had a vinyl top, not sure.

Not a hatchback

It was powered by a stock 305 with a 350 th.

My mom tells me that the interior was white. Whether it had bucket seats or not, I don't know, but being a concourse I would assume a bench. When my dad sold it there were no seat belts because he hated the things and when he had driven it most you didn't legally have to wear them anyway.

I know this isn't much to go on, especially since I don't have the VIN, but if you or anybody you know has seen a 78 blue concourse in a junkyard around southwestern Ohio, please let me know. Again, I am not sure if it was hauled off, but I am assuming so. I just think it would be cool to let my dad know that "the one he shouldn't have sold" is still out there and if possible to buy and restore it.
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i dont know about ohio but in Ark the DMV could pull up the VIN from a LPN if you had that? maybe an old pic with it in there?? the dealership he bought it from?? I tracked down an old cutlass i had like this... found it totaled wadded up in a salvage yard :(
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