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Trying to Identify an Engine...

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I'm looking for some help identifying the engine in my 63 Nova. I know the motor is out of a truck and is a 250, but we can't find these numbers listed on any sites out there. Here is the string, from front to back...

*CON2* *0172* 3994257

The stamping number by the distributor is F0822TPT

Thanks in advance for any help.

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CON2 indicates conveyor number two moved the block...

0172; C ( would be March ) letter in the month, 17 day and 2 ( 72 ) year

3994257; 67 - '72 250 cu in.

distributor i dont have a clue...
F is Flint, MI
08 is Aug
22 is the day

TPT, I don't have in my listing, maybe it's something else....

Edit** The tag that I thought said *0172* is actually *C172*
I say do a Ask, Yahoo or Google search on "GM Castings with that engine code" it should pop up.
Or go to and check there.

updated above for the added info...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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