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When I coated the floor of my 77 Nova hatchback years ago with POR-15 I compared it some with the one in my 74 and they looked pretty close to the same. I did not have both cars side by side to do the comparison but I would think there is some interchangability there between the 75-79 trunk floors and the 74 ones. The reason I'm not adding in the 73 Model is I think there is a slight bumpout difference above the rear frame rails for the bumper shocks that started in 74.
I also have to think that on the hatchback models the false floor supports are different so if one used a hatchfloor from a 74 then you would have to take those supports out and replace them with the newer model ones from the original hatch floor.
I replaced a big section of the hatch floor in my 74 a while back and I made the cuts going front to rear above the frame rails, the rear one close to the taillights, and the last one above the rear end. Putting the cuts there made it easier to finish the welds on the top and bottom so it is harder to detect any work was done there. When I was doing the work I also tack welded a brace to the front edges of the gas tank supports to hold them into position while I removed the old rotted hatch floor. I made the rear cut on the floor right in front of where the tank supports were at to where the back section of the tank supports were still attached to the car this way when the replacement floor was put in the tank supports could be pushed back up and they would be in the right position for plug welding.

I would look at this post and compare the pictures to what you have:

If you want to do some digging for pictures of my hatchfloor work, go to and look under user name custom_jimmy and there should be an album or two on the hatchfloor work I did.

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