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To make a long story short....... My family and i are o k my house is o k two weeks later i still have no power. just sitting around waiting for the long island power guys. here is the question..
My 93 suburban was up to the seats with water. The day after I got her running. To my surprise no water in motor oil. took the plugs out spun her over and a glorious spray of sea water appeared but she ran. changed the trans fluid twice. It shifted fine the first day then it seems to me either the converter is in the locked mode or it is starting in second gear. If I start in manual low i can get her going and manual shift it up but as I am rolling I can down shift to two but it doesnt seem to go into one. I feel the problem is electrical rather than mechanical but I am not a tranny guy(no joke intended). Other than that the truck doesnt seem too bad but I know its a matter of time before i have a pile of rust.
Just looking for something to fool with while i wait. thanks in advance

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