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Trick flow heads for SBC chevy.

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"They" say these are usually only made for a F___ . But if you get a set for a chevy they are great. These are trick flow G2s . Anyone have any experience or info on how well they perform and what kind of a price they should have on them.


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Date: 2009-03-18, 6:29PM

Rare heads as trickflow usually makes ford stuff not chevy.

STOCK flow numbers as done by carcraft.

Keep in mind they did this at .400 lift.

The flow numbers will only go up by .500 lift.

But this also shows they do the better then the competition at lowerlift numbers too.

Of course their heads are stock, mine aren't so mine would do even better.

Even more rare is these have 16/18* valves closer to the LS1 not the 23* garbage the other SBC heads have. They require no special mods to use even with the changed valve angle.

They have been worked over by stiegemeier's in St Charles. (have reciept

Valve Work
Blend Bowels
Install PBM3200 springs (.550+ no problem)
$995obo for the heads
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There's nothing rare about them. :no:

To run any real lift you will have to get special pistons.:yes: Summit sells a few of the more common ones under the Trickflow name and last I heard they are made by Aries for them.
And checking your piston-to-valve clearance will be of the utmost importance!!
I think for that price I'd look at the new Pro-Filer offerings designed by Darin Morgan!! Under a grand for complete ready to bolt on assemblies.

You could call TrickFlow for more info on those heads and see exactly what they are. They are great castings but the design obviously didn't work out too well or they would still be producing them and improving on the design further.:yes:

Trick Flow Specialties
+ .100" long valves aren't all that exotic and can be found very reasonable however, valvetrain geometry can get painful because of the different (uncommon) angles involved.:yes: There's also a pretty good selection of springs available for solid roller applications that set up at 1.80"-1.85" but they are limited to .600"-.650" lift because of coil bind and retainer-to-seal clearance issues.

Those heads are ok for a mild street car build and do have some good porting potential, BUT, I'd still look at the Pro-Filer offerings before I spent the money on a set of discontinued Twisted-Wedge heads.:yes: According to several prominent cylinder head specialists in the industry, Darin designed those heads with "A lot of extra material in all the right places to be able to move things around a bit" so they have a LOT of room to grow. :yes::devil:

Also keep in mind, (I'm not sure about the Chevy G1or G2's) that the Ford Twisted-Wedge heads had an excessive guide wear problem for the first couple years of production. Trick-Flow stood behind their product and fixed every set that was sent back to them. In the blue oval world, they have set several class records and are still the chosen head of a lot of racers.

For more info on the G1's and G2's, you could also call T.E.A. (Total Engine Airflow Phone # 330-634-2155) since they were somewhat partnered with Trick-Flow for a good long time and possibly still are. If you can get him, talk to Brian Tooley.:yes:
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