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Tree sap stain removal?

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Before I bought my 79 Nova a couple of years ago it had been parked outside under a tree for at least several years. The beige paint has what appear to be tree sap stains. Since owning it, I've compounded the car using Turtle Wax heavy duty cleaning compound three times (twice by hand, once with a random orbital polisher). The formerly chalky looking original paint now has a pretty decent shine but you can still see the stains under lights. Any suggestions to finally removing them?

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Sounds like it might be to late to completly remove the sap stains maybe give this a try. Heres the link RICK
Thanks, appreciate the response. I agree, there's little chance of removing the stains on the roof hood and trunk completely. (They're not too visible unless you look for them.) Using lacquer thinner as suggested in the video would probably remove the paint so I guess I can stop being so fussy and live with it.

Thanks again,
mike u might try this. i have had several of my vechicles parked for somewhat long periods of time parked under a black olive trees over my driveway. believe me they suuuuuuuu/k. the residue is terrible. a 5 $ small bucket of oxy clean powder. mix a small amount in hot water (solidify completely) use warm with car sponge, let it work, then rinse. this stuff pulls stains out of cloths, why not paint try this on small area first to see how it works for you this is also bar none the best for taking grease off your hands(the grease that u cant get outta your pores) and works good on parts too. use a small plastic brisle brush with it works great. id be willing to bet on convertible tops and cloth interiors this would also work but i have no knowledge of this first hand. on whatever it will leave a very slight milky residue if not rinsed completely
^^^ clay bar. :yes: Mothers or Meguiar's. There are others out there.
Thanks for the additional suggestions. I have Oxy Clean at home and did not think of a clay bar. I will try both.
Ancient Bodyshop secret=Isopropyl alcohol
Go to the store and get a little bottle, it will remove the tree sap & not harm your finish!:D

Good luck!!
Just to follow up...I tried the rubbing alcohol, oyxclean and clay bar. Although the paint is now nice and smooth and shiny, the stains are still not completely gone. Guess it's too late. They're not really visible to the casual observer but I know it's going to bug me avery time I notice them.

Thanks again for the suggestions.
I've actually used Comet before to get rid of tree stains... I wasn't worried about having a shiny finish :)
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