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@#%&* Translink

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Another rant. Sorry. For those who do not know who/what Translink is, they are a non-elected, non- government body that manages our buses and rapid transit system with some other stuff thrown in there too. However they have the ability to invoke taxes/ fees/ levies ect, to our property taxes, gas prices and our vehicle insurance. They annouced yesterday they will be voteing in July to raise the price of some or all of the above as well as a flat $100-$150 / year to all insurance policies. So they decide to do this during a reccesion when many of us are losing our jobs?????? Get my gun Mother!!!
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My 2 cents
Years ago Translink (then Transit) started with a couple of cents a gallon on gasoline as far out as Langley. The rant was Nobody'll buy gas in Langley.
Fast forward to today. I've move away from the Mainland, so, am not sure how many hands are in your pockets today, What is it?
Gas tax, Hydro levies, ICBC levies. Maybe more?
Does anyone think it will stop? I don't!
When politicians or their appointees need money, they never seem to hesitate to go back to the well. They don't consider cost. If they need a raise............they got it.
How would Translink be run If Jimmy Pattison was the Chair?
We have the power! With a provincial election in May, We CAN make them listen. Why don't we determime the issue for a change rather than letting them tell us what they are.

Well, I guess that was more like my 5 cents worth.
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