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@#%&* Translink

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Another rant. Sorry. For those who do not know who/what Translink is, they are a non-elected, non- government body that manages our buses and rapid transit system with some other stuff thrown in there too. However they have the ability to invoke taxes/ fees/ levies ect, to our property taxes, gas prices and our vehicle insurance. They annouced yesterday they will be voteing in July to raise the price of some or all of the above as well as a flat $100-$150 / year to all insurance policies. So they decide to do this during a reccesion when many of us are losing our jobs?????? Get my gun Mother!!!
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First off don't assume that because someone lives in the greater Vancouver area that they benifit from skytrain or the bus system. If you live in the burbs like i do ( south delta) there is no skytrain and the bus system is sorely lacking. I'm a carpenter so I travel every day to and from work with tools and materials in my pickup. Taking the bus is not an option. I agree that I made the decision to be a carpenter and live in the burbs. I'm not against me paying taxes for the transit system. But enough is enough. Remember we are already paying translink with our feul (4-5 cents/liter) and property taxes. We subsidize the west coast express to the tune of $14 per rider. At some point we need to say whoa to translink and say yes to more hospital equipment and resources in our schools. Something we will all benefit from. Like all of us do during economic hardships...they need to live within their means.
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