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Toyota mechanic needed in north myrtle beach

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I am in need of a Toyota mechanic in North Myrtle Beach, SC. My 2005 Sienna with 133k is displaying the VSC, TRAC OFF, maint reqd and check engine light. They came on just as we were arriving in NMB. I suspect the sensor for the vehicle stability control and/or ABS is the culprit. I am having no diminished drivability issues with the car. I'm not sure if the check engine and maint reqd light is supposed to come on with the VSC and Trac Off lights. I have the owners manual with me and it indicates to take it to the dealership. If you know of a reliable mechanic or someone at the Toyota dealership, I would be very grateful in your assistance.

Best way to contact me here is cell at 2zero2-384-6one43 or email at ssia1072 (AT) yahoo(dot)com

What a great way to start the vacation.:mad:
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Big props to 1966RAT for setting me up with an honest and quick response mechanic in North Myrtle Beach. Monday afternoon the car was looked at and fixed. Nothing serious as it turned out. I am grateful for Dom's assistance. The name of the shop is GT Auto adjacent to the Grand Strand Airport in NMB if anyone finds themselves in need of a good shop.

Dom, it was great to meet you and your wife. Hope to see you next year - if not sooner. My son is still talking about the garage and cars...

Thank you again for your help. You are a true gentleman.
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