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To all my Nova buds on Steves PMaryland,Delaware,New Jersey,PA,and Virgina

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This is to all of you Nova guys and gals in and around the Harrington Delaware area,Car Show at American Legion Saturday April 25th. Russ (4gooten1) is planning the drive from Baltimore to My house in Smyrna to meet up with me,Anybody looking for a chance to meet some other tristate area Nova and stves site guys,Come along,Contact Russ or me and well will make sure you have details.Russ is planning on meeting me around 9 at my House,He is 80 miles away so check with him on when he will leave.Lets start a get together on the east Coast like the So Cal guys do
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hey Bruce,i will call you fri and let you car is in alot of pieces after today.but it will be ready for to you later.chris
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