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TKO Faceplate, Soft Lok Report

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So I finally got the car together. Roughly 5 days sooner than I had expected. Here's what I did:

Liberty's Gears treatment of my TKO
Pro 5.0 Shifter
McLeod Soft Lok
Re-work of the carb by CSU

All I can say is WOW! The trans shifts instantly, the car idles crisp and clean, throttle response is great, and the clutch will take a little getting used to. It's amazing how the car feels. The shifter is about 3" closer to me now, so that's a whole lot nicer, especially with the more solid feel of the Pro 5.0 shifter and shorter throws thanks to it. The trans 'clunks' now when I shift, but that was to be expected. Even low rpm power shifts are simple. I feel zero resistance when pulling a gear. I can't wait to see how the car does off the line and at the track. I'm getting out to Irwindale this week. Hope to see my fellow Nova guys there.
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I'll be rolling out with a few friends, and should be there early. I'd like to beat traffic with the new clutch.

I highly doubt everything will go 'right' on this first outing. Hopefully I get the car in the 6's. If that happens I'll be happy. My other goal is to get in the 1.40's on 60 foot. That DEFINITELY won't happen on Thursday.

With just the trans and shifter modifications I can't imagine the car doesn't go .2 seconds faster than before. It's that different.
Not much to see in terms of pics. That's what sucks. Tons of $ and it looks about the same. Here's the new shifter (same arm) as well as how I modified my scatter shield.

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what's the difference in the plates besides lug count? i drove the car around a bit ago. it's gonna take some getting used to if i drive it on the street much...

but as for power shifting i couldn't be happier
Track didn't go as planned today, but I'll figure it out. SNS members were there to help out in the best ways. Here's the results:

First pass
[email protected] Missed 3rd gear
1.646 60' leaving at 5200rpm
7 turns of base pressure

Second pass
[email protected] Best pass ever
1.616 60' Leaving at 5200rpm
6 turns of base pressure

Third pass
[email protected] Timing retarded itself to 30* Why I don't know
1.643 60' Leaving at 6200rpm
6 turns of base

Fourth pass
[email protected] Skated all over the track, best mph with this combo
1.631 60' Leaving at 6200rpm
6 turns of base

Good learning experience. As straightaxlenova says, I need to get a better tire. Mine are 3 years old and have been outside on the car that whole time. Hopefully with that, and some more suspension tuning the car gets down into the 6.80's. It's a matter of tinkering. The car picks up both front tires on the launch, despite bunk 60' times.
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Thanks for the video, bill. Mike, you're right. The 2 step was bunk and bounced off the high side limiter then I backed out. Whoops. The 2 step was set at 62 though...

The last pass was true at 6200 though. I'll get it someday
dennis- ERV JR was being a little sarcastic. he meant put 20" wheels and build something in a ghetto fashion

as for power on the trans Liberty's said somewhere around 850hp and 800 ft/lbs. i'm confident it won't be breaking anytime soon
Did some calling today and figured out a couple small things that should greatly improve my 60'. For those of you who are serious stickshift guys you'll understand what I mean. Gotta get a super super small air gap (mine's WAY too big right now) and play a little with launch rpm. With the big air gap Rob Youngblood compared it to slamming a door vs. closing it softly. With the Soft Lok can you figure out which one the clutch was designed to do?
Rob's helping you with someone else's clutch or did he set it up for you?
Rob's just a good guy and gave me advice. Talk about great customer service. I didn't have the clutch set up buy him or purchase from him. His service over the phone will definitely net him some business when it comes time for a rebuild.


Yeah, I am feeling the same way about him right now. If his advice works as planned I'll finally see a decent 60' time
when you going to race next ?
not this thurs, and i'll actually probably just wait till LA invasion
what's mels race?
Cool. I won't be out there, sorry. Gonna make a pedal stop tomorrow. Rob suggests a 0.040" gap and Calvert said basically to do a gap where the clutch just starts to grab when fully depressed. That's the goal. Got new tires today too. Hopefully it will end up hooking FINALLY
Well, if the new clutch settings work i guess i'm going to be going up against a 10 second car at LA invasion. Looks like i'll need to hurry up and put the nitrous on my car.:yes:
Don't be too optimistic. All of the things I did before were 'supposed' to make the car hook up and go faster. Apples to oranges as it was on different days, but still I noticed nothing that made the car 'optimal'. Hopefully we cross the line at the same time with a sub 11 second timeslip...
Put a clutch pedal stop in. Now it's a LOT more predictable to drive. Don't know if it'll help my 60', but it had better help me shift a little quicker.

The bolt is longer now actually and stops against a 1/8" plate welded to the floor
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i'm pretty sure my air gap was somewhere way over 0.200" and is now closer to under 0.050", though i still need to check it. rob told me this should be a 'softer' engagement of my soft lok. we will see. hopefully the tires help as well. bill and bill on this site and umtr have been a great help. the more info i can piece together the better.

as for UMTR i am a member of their 'north' site. i have never checked out the 'south' site and will do so asap. thanks for the links
Dam, Aron ur right there again........7.005!!! timing & tires would have probably got u ur #.... on ur next outing, if the track holds up, looks like u may be a happy man..... good luck w/ it!!!


hopefully what you say happens. i'll be at a different track on a different day with different conditions. from what i remember my 1/8 mile times are always off at fontana by a couple tenths of a second. when i first took the car out a couple years ago it would do 7.30's in the 1/8, but when i take it to irwindale it does at least 2 tenths better. a lot of that was in the 60', so I hope it hooks up. i'm not going to the track again for a week. that will be the first time with the new tires and first time with the clutch stop. full report to follow.
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