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timing tab

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Ok, my timing issues rear the ugly head again. I had an 8 inch tape on my 7 inch balancer.....timing off. Got rid of the tape, used an advance light and set it. Still not right...feels off.

Ready to put a 7 inch tape on the balancer, but then a thought struck me.....I believe the tab is for an 8 inch balancer. Will it be close, spot on, or way off?

It's an SBC 350. I don't want to buy a new balancer cuz the 350 normally has an 8 inch balancer, but Summit sells 7 inch tabs....I see in one spot online where the same tab is used for multiple balancer...

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Get the 7" tape and the 7" tab. You should be good to go . Dave
Remove the #1 spark plug rotate the engine to TDC compression stroke on the #1 cylinder. Then check to see if you're indicator is close to 0. It's going to be hard to get exactly TDC without a TDC gauge you can use a small diameter screw driver in the spark plug hole but only install the screw driver when are close to TDC. Be very carfull when you use a screw driver as it could break the piston or score the cylinder wall if you insert it to far in. Get someone to help you turn the motor over while you check to see if the motor is on TDC. Heres the link for the correct tool. RICK
i would do it the hard way, who knows if the tab was even set right to begin with.

go top dead center of cylinder 1, stick a zip tie into the plug hole (wont scratch anything that way)

and you can get as close as humanly possible by watching to see where the tie goes back down, you back it up a bit and bam, dead center. check your cap and rotor, get a cap tower as close to the rotor as possible for that plug wire.

see how far off your tab is on the balancer. you can just score or mark the tab somehow to be 0 if its drastically different, which i think it is if you are having these issues.

from there you advance or retard it how you need.
Although you can get close with a screwdriver or a tie wrap, in order to do it right you need a piston stop. Take all the plugs out and disconnect the battery. Turning the engine over, by hand, as the piston is approaching TDC install the piston stop, when the piston stops mark the TDC mark on the tab or on the cover. Turn the engine in the opposite direction until the piston comes up against the stop again, mark the TDC again. Exactly between these two marks is true TDC. I strongly recommend that you disconnect the battery before inserting anything in the plug hole, better safe than sorry. Take the time and do it right, you'll be glad you did.
I'm fairly positive(did the screwdriver method) and know that the TDC is damned close to the current tab. I'm gonna get a new tab and do it all again to make sure it's right. I'm going to check into a piston stop as well. I know that something is wrong with the timing and am also getting new wires. The PO is a complete moron....I've found mistake after mistake....mismatched parts, old parts, etc.
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