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timing light question

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i havent owned a timing light since 1990 what would be a good but not super expensive one (around 100) my 63 has an inline 6 with a hei

has anyone used one of these Equus 5568 Pro-Timing Lights this one seems to have the things i would need like a tach and advance or is any one using something similar with these features that is better for around the same price

thanks brian
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they look good... i bought my timing light from Sears. i think it was around 70 or 80 bucks. as long as you at least get something of quality i'm sure you'll be fine. (meaning don't buy a $10.00 timing light) ;)

the one you mentioned looks good. i'd definitely shop around though.... i think you could get something a little lesser priced and be just fine. save a few bucks for parts. :D Toolsmv=rr
Bought my Sears timing light over 25 years back. I was just about to purchase it and on the other side of the isle they had a promotion where it came with a Chilton manual. The manual is a 1964-1972 and I still have it also. I want to say I got it for around $20-25 bucks.
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